Skyne is a 3rd person action-adventure game developed in Unity. In it, players control Amelia, an explorer traversing the ruins of an ancient, technologically-advanced mountain civilization. To reach the city's uppermost temple and vanquish an ancient guardian, players must defeat mechanical enemies using a combination of their fire and ice shot abilities. The game is a roughly 20 minute linear experience that takes the player through several different zones, culminating in a final mini-boss. 

The game began as a class project developed by a seven-person student team at Bradley University over the course of a semester. A year later, I decided to return to the project with two of the original group members to restart the game and make a better version from the ground up. Here's a gameplay trailer of the new version (captured on a PC):  
My contributions to the game include:

- Programming core systems including the scene loading, checkpoint and save system, global event system, and general game management
- Level design, including proposal, greyboxing, and prop placement. I worked with the sole artist on the team to determine specifications for the final modeled level and necessary components. 
- Implementing a dynamic music system to allow crossfading of layered music tracks as the player progresses through the level
- Designing and implementing most of the game's UI, including the tutorial messaging system
- Implementing the game's lighting solution using a combination of Unity precomputed baked system, emissive materials, and an indoor/outdoor directional lighting system
- Implementing 3d audio for environmental details such as wind, waterfalls, birds, etc.
- Creating the game's particle systems such as wind and water using the Epic Toon FX asset package as a starting point. 
- Implementing the intro cutscene using camera animation 
For comparison, you can also view the trailer for the original version of Skyne here:
I worked on the first version of Skyne during the 2017 spring semester while I was out in Los Angeles for the Bradley University Hollywood semester. Though the original Skyne has many additional features such as a different, bigger world and a massive final boss, we decided to start over when making the new Skyne to focus on making a shorter, more polished experience. I worked on the original project as a dedicated programmer, and I implemented many of the game's core features such as its asynchronous level loading, combat, game management, UI, and some AI. 

You can get the original Skyne from here:
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